About The Muse’s Plate

Hello there.  My name is Angela Pitts, and I am a professor of Classics at a small, public liberal arts university in Virginia.  I love great literature (I majored in English before pursuing a PhD in Greek and Latin), and I am absurdly passionate about good food.  Food is the great connector–between family members, between members of a community, between cultures, between humans of all ages.  I love reading the food blogs of inspired culinary creators and appreciating their works and gifts as art, but I rarely consult recipes in my own cooking. When I read great books, I am always thinking about how food operates in the text–what it means, how it relates to the plot, the scene, the characters’ interactions, and the central and subordinate themes.  I love thinking about food as a “Muse”–how food has inspired the author(s) and how s/he/they use food to advance their literary agendas.  This blog is a tribute to two of my great loves–books and food.  Because I am a Classicist, Greek and Roman texts will probably always provide the foundation for my thinking and probably for more than a single post or two.  But, I can’t wait to develop delicious recipes that are inspired by modern novels, too.  Quite a few are “mulling” and “cooking” in my mind right now and I look forward to sharing them with you.  If you have any suggestions for reading–I would love to hear from you in the comments.  And, if you try the recipes, I would love to hear thoughts on how well they worked (or didn’t) for you.  And, so, dear reader, be well, be happy, eat good food, and read great books.